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Ideal solutions for internal renovations. Shape and create the environment you desire; choose amongst a wide selection of colours and effects to obtain a custom-made floor . Our solutions are extremely customizable according to your needs. Renovate in a unique way your kitchen, bathroom, shop, stairs and much more!

Industrial stones were manufactured from the late 1970s in the United States with chemicals (acrylics, polymers and resins).
In the 1990s, Breton in Italy, using vacuum technology and special resins, managed to produce synthetic resin called Bretonstone, which currently has an international market of around $ 3 billion. Uses of this product are countertops and countertops for kitchens, washbasins and interior decoration.
Non-recyclable – Slippery, flammable, and non-UV resistance are the reasons that do not allow this product to be used on the floor or faces. Meanwhile, by drafting new international environmental legislation, the goods that are produced from non-recyclable materials will be removed from the production cycle at short notice.
In the late 1990s, Breton Company was able to produce a Cement-based stone, known in the world as industrial stone or engineering stone.
The use of a vacuum environment in the manufacture of concrete products creates a competitive product with a variety of natural stone.
Strength and high strength, variety and reasonable prices and natural components are unique properties of this production.
Terastone is non-flammable – resistant to UV – can be repaired with a variety of finishes and with physically similar properties to natural stone.
Sazan Sang Salar is one of the only Terastone production units in the Middle East, and the stones are manufactured in a uniform and uniform color with a choice of texture and color.

Types of consumable aggregates: Quartz – Marble – Granite and Silica. Consumed colors are only German mineral products that are mineral pigments.​​​​​​​

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