What is a Salar fullbody Terrazzo?​​​​​​​

​​​​Terrazzo is made of cement, aggregate, stone powder and water, and in fact a kind of concrete that is shaped in various shapes .
Due to its diverse design and color, it is used as the final floor in various industrial spaces, residences, roofs, parking lots and …
Mosaic manufacturing process:1. Vibration method: In this type of material production, the material is placed on the vibration device after molding, and after discharge of the middle layer bubbles, it is prepared for the next stages of production. After tightening the initial mortar, they come out of the mold, and are ready to be installed.In this method, the mosaics have one layer. Pressed Method: In this type of mosaics production, there are two layers, underlying (Narin) and top layer.  The underlying layer made of concrete, and the top layer of mosaic contains of the raw materials include cement, aggregate, stone powders and water. After molding, pressing these two layers together compressed and vibration mosaics more bubbles are discharged from the middle layer. pressed mosaics depending on the strength of the press have Different resistance.

 Salar full body mosaic: A new generation of single-layer mosaics, also called ultra-compact mosaics, is used by the Breton technology of Italy to process the Vibro Compaction Under Vacuum process. In this type of production, all bubbles of middle layer is discharged by using the vacuum system, and the compression of the mosaics goes up so that granite can be compared. Full body mosaics are placed at 80 degrees Celsius after molding for 24 hours, which makes the mosaic resistance to its final level.After the steam room, mosaics are submerged in 19 stages, which is unique in the Middle East.

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